How to start a successful blog in Nepal 2022

The very fact that you are reading this article here proves that you are interested in blogging, and you are willing to put in the effort to learn how to start a successful blog.

You might be wondering if you can start a blog for free, or you would need paid services to start a new blog. Whatever your question is, you will get all the answers after reading this article.

Are you  interested in starting a successful blog but dont have required knowledge of where to start. Dont worry. Today in this article, I am about to show you the steps of how to start a successful blog in nepal or other countries

Once you go through this ultimate guide on how to start a website, you will know everything that required to know in blogging.

Why do you require a blog?

How to Start a Blog in 2022 | How To Become a BLOGGER in Nepal

One of the most asked questions people ask when they are about to start their blogging career online.

As we all know by now, blogging is one of the essential tools to boost your presence online.

When I started to write my blog in 2021, I did not know about blogging or how to make money online. As a tech lover, it wasn’t so tough for me to start this journey..

However, the more I read about blogging, the brighter things became.

As of today, this is one of the most well-received blogs in the world, and I regularly get fantastic, lively, and responsive readers just like YOU are. Nowadays i am working on more than 4 micro niche websites.

What are the benefits of blogging?

People always want to know about the benefits of blogging even before they start their blogging journey.

People always weigh the benefits of the things they get involved in. Be it the college they go to or the product they buy; people want to know about the benefits first before making the jump.

So, I will tell you the benefits of blogging.

  1. Blogging helps boost your presence online.
  2. Blogging helps you understand your passion better.
  3. Blogging helps you make money by using your innate skill set.
  4. Blogging helps you in building your identity and trust online.
  5. Blogging helps you in becoming an authority in your area of interest.
  6. Blogging helps you in connecting with your customers and making strong relations with them.
  7. Blogging enables you to help the world by providing people with information through your writing.
  8. Blogging helps people learn about the product or service you are offering.
  9. Blogging helps you get loyal readers, making you recognizable worldwide.
  10. Blogging makes you confident.
  11. Blogging gives you time freedom.
  12. Blogging gives you money freedom.
  13. Knowing how to start a successful blog will enable you to help others to build their website.
  14. Knowing how to build a successful blog will enable you to teach other people how to set up their blogs.
  15. Knowing how to start a successful blog increases your content writing skills when you start writing a blog.

There are a lot more advantages to blogging.


For the past 2 years, I have been working in blogging field.

How to start a successful blog in Nepal : 7 Steps

How to start a successful blog in Nepal | The very fact that you are reading this article here proves that you are interested in blogging, and you are willing to put in the effort to learn how to start a successful blog.

How to start a successful blog in Nepal 

We will be going through all the necessary steps for building a blog. We will talk about the steps seven steps of how to start a successful blog and make money.

I have practiced every step I am writing about in this blog, so everything I write about is based on personal experience.

If you go through all the points, then you will be able to become a very successful blogger.

Let us now go through the steps.

1. Discover Your Blogging Interest

You must be very clear about your blogging interest. What are the things you are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about learning how to start a successful blog?

A subject of a blog can be anything. It can be your enthusiasm for technology or cars or android phones. It can be about beauty, fashion, or lifestyle. It could also be about pets. The topic of a blog can be anything you are passionate about.

There are some questions you should ask yourself before you start writing your blog:

  • Do I have enough understanding of the topic I want to write on?
  • Am I passionate about the topic?
  • Am I knowledgable about the topic I want to write on?
  • Three years down the line, where do I see myself?
  • Will the tone of my blog be strong enough to capture and interest my audience?
  • Is there any audience for the content of my blog?
  • Will I be able to write my blog for six months without thinking of any income from my blog?
  • Will I be able to learn a lot of new things?
  • Am I up to read and follow tutorials and blogs about how to start a successful blog and instantly implement them?

When you have clear and affirmative answers to these questions, you can go on and start your blog.

2. Finding a Suitable Domain Name For Your Blog

A domain name is a name you want to give your website. This is the first step in how to start a successful blog.

The examples of the domain name are, The name of any website is its domain name.

So, choosing a domain name is one of the first steps of how to start a successful blog.

Several companies provide domain names. They are BigRock, NameCheap, and GoDaddy. You have to go to any of these websites to look for the right domain name for you.

Once you have decided on a domain name, you can go and register the domain and complete the registration process. You can also make the payments via the Credit/Debit card.

Some guidelines for fixing a domain name:

  1. Short Domain Names: It is effortless to remember short domain names. Also, when someone asks you the name of your website, you will be easily able to tell then the title, and it will also be effortless for them to remember your website name.
  2. You Should Never Have Digits In Domain Name: You should not buy domains that have digits in their URL. So you cant have website names like etc. It is very confusing for people as they tend to forget if the number is written in digits or words.
  3. DotCom is Always Preferred: You should always go for a Dotcom. Domain providers have categorized domain names by countries such as .in for India, .pk for Pakistan, au. for Australia. These kinds of domain names are right to target the audience in one country. So, having .com in your domain name is the best option.
  4. You Should Find a Domain Related To Your Industry: Imagine having your site named, and then you write about dog tips. That sounds absurd. So, the name of your blog must be in line with your business idea. For example, I have named my website, and here, I am teaching you digital marketing techniques. So, you have to pick a relevant domain name.

Buying a domain name is the start of your journey on how to start a successful blog. Next comes hosting.

3. Buying a Proper Hosting Service For Your Blog

Now that you have selected your domain name, a second problem arises. Where will you save all your blog data? Buying a proper hosting service comes second on the list of how to start a successful blog.

There will be images, texts, and videos, and several other things in your blog. Where will you store all these data on the internet?

Things to keep in mind before you buy hosting

  1. Space constraints: The web hosting company you choose should offer you unlimited space as A2 hosting does.
  2. Provides Unlimited Domain Names: The LITE plan of A2 hosting will only let you make one website using their hosting. So, I suggest you go for their SWIFT Plan. The SWIFT plan of A2 hosting enables you to create as many sites as you want to. So, you should always go for hosting services that provide you with unlimited domains.
  3. Provides Support: Your hosting company needs to provide support 24×7. If you run into any problems, you can contact your hosting service company and get your issues resolved.
  4. Bandwidth Limit: Bandwidth limit is the number of visitors (website traffic) your website will be able to handle. So, you should always choose a  hosting service that provides unlimited bandwidth.
  5. Easy Management: Management of a hosting service depends on the Admin dashboards. I recommend going for a hosting service that has the cPanel dashboard to manage the host efficiently.

4. Connect your domain and hosting

So, now you have bought a domain name and a hosting service.

What next? You now need to connect your hosting service to your domain.

To do this, you have to copy the shared IP Address from the Server Information section of your hosting service.

Then, you have to update The DNS of your domain and Voila!

Now, you have your domain and hosting connected.

You are now halfway into how to start a successful blog.

5.Content Management System For Your Blog

With content management systems, you will be able to add content to your blog. Understanding WordPress is one of the pillars of understanding how to start a successful blog.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. It has millions of websites all over the world running off it.

Using WordPress is just like using Microsoft Word.

WordPress has an incredible visual editor. You can do a lot of things like making the text bold, italic, underline, color, font size, hyperlink, etc.

You can mold your content and make it look, however, you want using this editor.

There are a bunch of plugins that help you enhance the functionality of your blog. In a recently posted article, I have discussed plugins which will help you increase the functionality of your blog. You can go through the material and install the plugins for your blog.

Why choose WordPress?

  1. WordPress is the most used content management system for blogging.
  2. It is an open-source platform so you can develop anything you want to.
  3. New designs can be installed using just one click.
  4. It is effortless to manage the WordPress platform.
  5. Most hosting services provide a one-click installation of WordPress from your Admin dashboard.
  6. You can enhance your site easily with the help of plugins.
  7. If you run into any problem, thousands of people in the WordPress community are there to help you out. WordPress has a strong community.

You can read my guide to Install WordPress for learning more.

After you are done installing WordPress, install the plugins which I use on my blog. You can learn about the plugins I use here. Understanding WordPress is central to you being a successful blogger and is one of the pillars of how to start a successful blog.

6. Get All Social Media Handles (a critical step in how to start a successful blog)

Most big companies in the world implement social media in their business. Getting all the social media handles is a critical step of how to start a successful blog. As all kinds of traffic can be generated via social media.

Product launches are sometimes done exclusively on social media websites. Social Media sites let you interact directly with the customers. The impact of social media can be felt even more in 2022, with pandemics hitting the world. Most of the communication is being done on social media channels.

So, the next step after buying a domain, hosting, and setting up WordPress is to acquire all the social media accounts for your business.

A website which helps you check if your business account names will be available is

7. Choosing The Best Theme

WordPress has a bunch of themes. You can easily choose a theme as per the category of your blog and install it easily.

You can read my guide on how to install WordPress themes here. It is a must to talk about WordPress themes in our guide about how to start a successful blog in 2022.

Some things to keep in mind before you buy a WordPress theme

  1. You should make sure that you buy an unlimited site license.
  2. The theme should be easily manageable.
  3. The theme should be the latest WordPress compatible.
  4. It should be responsive (should be able to change its layout on mobile devices).
  5. The theme must be suitable to your blog category.

8. You Have To Start Writing

So, will all this knowledge, what’s left is for you to start writing a blog.

You have to realize that your blog is nothing without you. All you need to do to make your blog a success is to start writing a blog today. It is one of the most critical steps of how to start a successful blog.

It does not matter how well versed you are in English or your knowledge about the subject. If you are enthusiastic about your niche, your blog will grow in no time. All you need to do is start writing.

With time, you will get more writing ideas, and your readers will start following you and be very engaged with your content.

So, you should start WRITING.

You should use Grammar correction tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid to write error-free content.

You can ask your friends for help. You can read more about a particular subject and collect data from newspapers and other sources.

I have given you all the necessary information on how to start a successful blog in 2022. You need to buy a domain name, then a Hosting Service. Then you have to connect your domain and hosting.

You have to install WordPress blogs as your content management system then. Then you have to grab all the social media handles. Then you start writing your blog.

Now that you know how to start a successful blog, you must get to it and start right away to make money on autopilot.

All you need to do is ACT RIGHT NOW and START BLOGGING!

How To become A Blogger In Nepal?

How to Start a Blog in 2022? This is the most asked question in my blog and in today’s post I will share some basic things to start a blog in 2022.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online in Nepal, starting a blogging business might just be the best way out. The good thing about starting a blog is that you don’t need an expensive budget or capital to get started.

Join us as we dig deep into how to start a successful blog business in Nepal. This post will teach you great tips on how to start a blog business, how to set up a free blog, and also how to monetize your blog in other to start making money.

What Is Blogging?

How to Start a Blog in 2022 | How To Become a BLOGGER in Nepal

Blogging is the act of writing a post on a blog. A blog originally came from the word “weblog” or a “web log”. You can think of it as an online journal or diary, although blogs are used for much more now, like online journalism.

How to Start a Blog in Nepal

How to setup your own blog in 5 steps.

  1. Choose a name for your blog.
  2. Get a domain name and web host.
  3. Choose your blogging platform.
  4. Create & launch your blog.
  5. Write & publish your first post.

Choose a name for your blog.

The first step to set up a blog is choosing a good name for your blog. it is very important to choose a domain name according to your blog category and your interest.

Keep these points before purchasing a domain name.

  • Make it easy to type & remember
  • Avoid slang & pop culture
  • Avoid trademarks.
  • Make it Shorter

Get a domain name and web host.

Your domain name is an important part of your blog. Also known as your URL, your domain is your address on the web. Remember that a brandable domain name is unique and stands out from the competition, while a generic domain name is usually stuffed with keywords and unmemorable.

You also need to get a web host for your blog. If you don’t have a web host, you won’t be able to make use of your domain name or set up your blog. A web host is a service provider that keeps your blog accessible on the internet for everyone. It stores all the files, images, and content that your blog has and displays it to the visitors.

Choose your blogging platform.

This is an important step & it determines the future of your blog also. if you want to perform in the blog for a long time, you have to choose the best platform for your blog. There are many blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc.

Create & launch your blog.

Now you have to select the best design or layout for your blog. Best layout attack more visitors. you can use pre-built themes also for best results.

Here is the best theme for your blogger website

Write & publish your first post.

After choosing the best design for your website, you have to publish some high-quality posts, articles in your blog to derive traffic from google, bing, and social media. Write a post with SEO optimized & publish that post on your blog. Then submit the URL of the post to google, bing search console, or webmaster tools to make it visible in search engines.

How to start earnings from blog in 2022

You can monetize your blog by different methods. Here Are some popular methods that have been used by different bloggers to make money from their blogs.

How to make money from your blog.

  1. Google Adsense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored post & banner ads.


As you can see, there are many ways to make money from a blog or website. But you have to generate organic traffic or audiences before making money from your blog. otherwise you cant Earn From Blogging

We hope this article helped to give you plenty of ideas on how to start a blog business that makes money. With hard work, perseverance, and consistency, anyone can earn money from a blog.

Thanks For Reading my post “How to Start a Blog in Nepal

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